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Points to Remember( UGC-NET)

Collective Bargaining: It is a process of negotiations between employers and a group of employees aimed at reaching agreements to regulate working conditions. The interests of the employees are commonly presented by representatives of a trade union to which the employees belong.

The case of Viva Global: 400 male workers and 200 females workers in company --- demand for wage increment in April 2010 after minimum wages revised in January 2010--- stopped the work for two hrs every day April 8-10. One worker dismissed---protest----15 workers taken in custody. Workers started their efforts to form trade union. Protest ended-demands fulfilled---minimum wage, formal contract-ESI and PF. But Soon management started throwing out workers one by one. Workers successfully registered union in May 2010; collectively protested against this move. Aug 21: all contract workers thrown out-protest at the factory gate. Management locked out the factory, regular workers also thrown out. August 25: 20-25 local goons brutally attacked the factory workers.

One worker was caught and abducted by the goons.
Accounts of Abducted worker: “I was put in backside box of a car. Lastly the car stopped and the goons closed my eyes with some cloth before taking me out of the box. They took me to a house and hit me with whatever they had till they received directions on phone to take me to another place. Thereafter they took me to a jungle and threatened to kill me. But soon after they received directions on phone and therefore they again put me in the same backside box of the car and threw me out at Delhi-Gurgaon Border. As soon as I reached my residence from there, the police also reached there and took me to the Police Station and then to the hospital and from there I again came to the place where sit-in-protest of workers was going on.”

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